Bing! aka I’m not saying it was Aliens but


As any parent will tell you when you spend too much time watching Children’s TV you start either noticing clever adult stuff the writers have put in, you start getting odd ideas at what, why and how regarding the shows back story or you just turn in to a wreck driven insane by the nonsense.

My daughter Loves a TV show called BING! for those that don’t know it’s a show about a bunny rabbit called Bing, his carer Flop and their adventures.

Flop who looks like a bean bag, in fact, all the carers look like beanbags, is friendly and understanding creature and the children are all animals of some type, Bing the bunny, Pando the Panda Bear and so on.

As I’ve mentioned that all the carers are beanbags and the children are animals, it made me start to ponder and I’ve come to the conclusion that all the carers are Aliens, then inadvertently killed off most of, if not all the population leaving only the children left and because they felt so guilty they have hung around to care for the children until they can care for themselves.

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